Dosage Form
25 mg/tab

Body builders and weight lifters take this to increase the aggressiveness during the exercise. This is orally taken testosterone. During its metabolism, most of it is destroyed by liver and only 8-10 percent able to reach the circulation and exert its effect. There is no doubt in the potency of this steroid. It increases levels of self esteem and enthusiasm. Moreover, it is used to gain weight and stimulate the growth of the muscles. Its half life is very low and the substances are available after sublingual absorption as well. Its effects can be seen just one hour after its administration. It is very popular among body builders and weight lifters because it stimulates to work more to gain maximum benefit from the exercise. This is used in those individuals who are unable to produce sufficient amount of testosterone due to pathological or psychological reasons. It is indicated in breast cancer. It is prescribed in those female who have continuous complains of breast pains. It is effective for the treatment of symptoms of menopause. It should be given with food in those individuals who have sensitive stomach. It has high water retention capabilities so it can be used for the lubrication of joints.

Side Effects
Its side effects include headaches, acne, increase hair growth on face and body, pattern baldness in male, depression, change in libido, depression, anxiety, enlargement of breasts in males, edema, jaundice, menstrual irregularities in female, deepening of voice in female, and enlargement of clitoris.

Effective Dose
25 - 100 mg / day